Webinar: Maritime Limits and Boundaries for ArcGIS

In this webinar we will walk you through the functionality of the Maritime Limits and Boundaries plugin for ArcGIS.

Maritime Limits and Boundaries for ArcGIS is an extension which provides a set of geodetic tools for calculating maritime limit lines and maritime boundary lines in ArcMap. The extension has been developed by Geocap AS in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and Canadian Hydrographic Service.

What are the benefits of this extension?

  • Works directly in ArcGIS - data stream is harmonized, manual intervention is reduced and several transformation and data conversion steps between different software are removed
  • Automation - normal and straight baselines can be processed simultaneously and multiple zones can be calculated at the same time.
  • Better data integrity and metadata - for each section of maritime boundary, there is a reference back to the source, what type of source it is and any other available metadata.
  • Reduced processing time - the extension will handle high resolution datasets, which effectively removes any manual intervention where users previously had to decimate the data

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