Seismic Live Trace Outline for ArcGIS

Maintaining an up-to-date overview of acquired seismic data is a challenging task for most companies in the Oil and Gas sector. This is often further complicated with 3D seismic cubes being misrepresented with rectangular survey outline instead of accurate outlines of live traces. This will give a false impression of where you actually have data coverage. With Seismic Live Trace Outline for ArcGIS you can generate exact data coverage from seismic files.

Run the live trace outline generator interactively from an ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro toolbox, in batch using ArcPy or through FME. The resulting ArcGIS feature class will contain the geometry of the live traces for each seismic cube in addition to metadata about the cube, such as:

  • Sample interval
  • Sample Min/Max/Avg
  • Inline/Crossline min/max
  • Inline/Crossline interval

Supported formats:

  • SEG-Y
  • ZGY (Petrel)