Geocap Desktop

Geocap Desktop provides a highly flexible software for visualization and manipulation of geologic and geospatial data. The software consists of four different modules that fit perfectly in to your line of work.

The Geocap Oil & Gas package is used by geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers, either as a primary system or as a supplementary tool. By using Geocap one has a great source of functionality and can achieve very high productivity and efficiency in practical work

Geocap Seafloor lets you process survey data from multibeam echo sounders and create large high-resolution grids. The strict project organization simplifies the way to build effective product lines.

Geocap Ground Model is used for ground model construction in all stages of project development; from project inception and desktop study through to operation and maintenance, the ground model informs all activities involving resource assessment and engineering intrusive works.

Geocap Shelf is a full 3D toolbox including everything needed for continental shelf delineation in accordance with United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Article 76.

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