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Offshore Wind
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Offshore Wind

One of the greatest uncertainties in an offshore wind project is the ground conditions. Ground-related issues can impact project cost, design, schedule, health, and safety and lead to environmental damage. Accurate and thorough analysis of the seabed and subsurface ground conditions is therefore crucial in your offshore wind project.

At Geocap AS we are specialists in this area. We provide mapping, modeling, and visualization solutions connected to geospatial, geophysical, and geotechnical data. Our technology is used all over the world and we have over 25 years of experience.


Foundation design and optimal placement of wind turbines, inter-array cables and export cables is a complex process where seabed features and obstructions, as well as subsurface conditions must be considered and analyzed together. Tons of data and different data types are collected in these projects and Geocap provides the solutions for managing, integrating and streamline the analysis of all site investigation data. We enable you to work more efficient and transform data into meaningful information.

Simplifying Seabed Investigations for Ocean Wind

Five companies join forces to help develop software that can be used for interpreting seabed and subsurface ground conditions and visualizing those results. The software will help those working with offshore wind to identify and map out the seabed and subsurface constraints, reduce risk and facilitate collaboration between project partners.

Connect different players and data in a common platform

Our solutions are built on ArcGIS from Esri - the world-leading Geospatial Software Platform.

Historically, site investigations and subsurface analysis have required multiple software packages, as well as complicated workflows and workarounds to produce the required results, which often has been difficult to share with stakeholders.

By integrating geophysical and geotechnical data in ArcGIS and taking advantage of the spatial location of the data, it is easier to manage and share the data, see new connections, and communicate the result with other stakeholders in the project.

Next generation deliverables – a live ground model

A Ground Model should be an up-to-date state of knowledge of the subsea and subsurface conditions of a wind farm site. Today the deliverables of a Ground Model Make often consist of flat files, reports, figures, and projects from specialized desktop software, which are all difficult to update.

Geocap solves this by providing stakeholders access to all the latest data and interpretation through a web portal. You can do your own analysis and collaborate around the Ground Model, without having access to specialized software or having the data locally.

Geocap Integrates OpenVDS Into The ArcGIS Platform

Geocap AS, an Esri partner specializing in subsurface extensions and add-ins for ArcGIS, has recently added support for seismic data in OpenVDS format in their Ground Model for ArcGIS and Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS applications.

Products and services

Ground Model for ArcGIS

An ArcGIS Pro add-in

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Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS

An ArcGIS Enterprise extension

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