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Oil and gas

Make subsurface data available to all stakeholders through ArcGIS from Esri - the world-leading Geospatial Software Platform.
Geocap specializes in extending ArcGIS with geophycial and geotechnical capabilities.

Geocap Integrates OpenVDS Into The ArcGIS Platform

Geocap AS, an Esri partner specializing in subsurface extensions and add-ins for ArcGIS, has recently added support for seismic data in OpenVDS format in their Ground Model for ArcGIS and Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS applications.

Public seismic viewer

View The Oil and Gas Authority’s Government funded seismic data in your browser.

Products and services

Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS

An ArcGIS Enterprise extension

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Ground Model for ArcGIS

An ArcGIS Pro add-in

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GIS Data Link for Petrel

A Petrel plugin

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