Ground Model for ArcGIS

Integrate all GIS, hydrographic, geophysical, geological and geotechnical data types and contractor interpretations into one software environment - the world leading geospatial platform - ArcGIS from Esri

Seismic data

Import and manage seismic data such as UHR, Sparker and Sub Bottom Profiler, in addition to regular 2D and 3D seismic. The SEG-Y Scanner let`s you investigate the File and Trace Header and preview the location of seismic file in the map to QC the files prior to import.

Geotechnical data

Import and manage borehole, CPT, Vibrocores and well data. The add-in supports AGS and LAS files and will write all data to native ArcGIS formats.

Three connected viewers

Ground Model for ArcGIS lets you visualize the data in a 3D Viewer, Cross Section Viewer and Log Viewer.

Some highlights:

  • Boreholes are projected on to the Cross Section Window if within a users specified buffer distance
  • Interpreted horizons are shown as intersection lines on Cross Section Viewer and Log Viewer
  • View multiple boreholes side by side
  • Cursor tracking between Log Viewer, 3D Viewer and Cross Section Viewer
  • Cursor tracking between Cross Section Viewer and Map

Share results

Visualize and communicate results with project stakeholders through ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.
Build user friendly apps using Web AppBuilder with Geocaps dedicated subsurface viewer.

Read more about our Subsurface Portal for ArcGIS

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